Graduate Students

Peter Christoffersen

Peter Christoffersen

Office: CHCB 105/106
Office Hours:

My Office Hours are from 1-3 PM every Tuesday, meetings can also be scheduled by apointment.

Current Position

Teaching Assistant GEO 102 Sections 10 and 11


GEO 102 lab sections 10 and 11


B.S. St. Lawrence University

Research Interests

My research interests include the study of shear zones, mylonites, and other fault related rocks.


Christoffersen, P.A., Simon, J.I., Ross, D.K., Friedrich, J.M., Cuzzi, J.N.,
2012. Particle Size Distributions Obtained Through Unfolding 2D
Sections: Towards Accurate Distributions of Nebular Solids in the
Allende Meteorite. 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference,
(extended meeting abstract #2058).

Christoffersen, P.A., Kratzmann, D.J., and Chiarenzelli, J.R., 2013.
Mylonite Reactivation and Brittle and Ductile Deformation within the
Carthage Colton Shear Zone at Stone Valley, Colton, NY. GSA Abstracts
with Programs, v. 45 n. 1